My life experienced huge changes in it over summer. Changes that a lot of people would be/are shocked and pitiful about.  I wallowed and was down a lot, but things are getting better now. I sometimes worry about how ‘much’ you should let negative events in your life affect you. I worry that I’m not as affected by negative events as much as I ‘should’ be. Is there are socially accepted set quota for how much grief and sadness a ‘normal’ person should feel and for how long they should feel it? Or, is it normal for you to leave the problems in the past and focus on bettering yourself for the future?

For now, I’m just focusing on making sure that I get to where I want to be. ‘You’ve got to look after #1 in this world’, because who else will? I don’t mean to sound self-centred, I still help people when I can and accept help when I need it, but the crux of it is that you have to focus and put the majority of your energy, time and emotions into making yourself happy. If we don’t aim for happiness and self-fulfilment then how can we help others to be happy and fulfilled. In my opinion (for now at least), ensuring you live as a good and happy person is the most important thing you can do.

This realisation that accomplishing happiness was what was important to me has really inspired me to put all of my effort into photographing and accomplishing what I want to do in the photographic field. Also, the fact I am at the time in my life of applying to University’s has really motivated me to pull my finger out, ‘man up’ (sorry for the misogynistic expression) and get out there and start making street photographs and ‘street portraits’ – and I’m happy to say that the pressure from looming Uni interviews has made me do that as it’s the best thing (photographically) that I have ever done.

That motivation came to me about last weekend, after only a few hours I had shot a whole roll of film -I haven’t shot that many photos in such a short space of time since first getting into making photographs about 8 months ago. I’ll update you with some of those photos by the end of the week hopefully. Let me tell you, I am excited to see these photographs, a few of them will probably be my favourite photographs that I have ever made – I’ll let you know.

Oh, and I guess my summer wasn’t the worst in history. I went to North Cyprus for two weeks, here are some of my favourite photographs from the trip.


Lost in Photos

Hello everyone, I know I have been pretty terrible on keeping this blog updated. I enjoy writing posts when the ideas come to me, but most of the time I don’t try and find ideas and when I do try I usually end up wondering what the point of it all is. Perhaps someone could help me out?

Anyway, I just wanted to let you all know that despite my lack of blog posts, I am still out taking pictures and am actually currently working on a long term documentary-style photo project. The working title of the project is ‘Green Blends’ (obviously subject to change) and the subject is the traditional farming/country lifestyle that is dominant in the place I live. I aim to show how my attitude towards this culture has changed over time. I do not want to give too much away but I just wanted to let you know that I’m still moving and photography has just about became the dominant ‘hobby’ in my life. Maybe I will write a post about my first impressions of starting a long term project in photography soon (hey this idea thing isn’t as hard as I thought).

Until then my ephemeral readers…

5 Things I Have Learnt About Film Photography

For everyone that hasn’t read my previous posts, I only got a serious interest in photography sometime in 2014 through shooting film cameras. Since my ‘photography career’ started I have only really shot film (I probably only a few hours racked up in digital camera use). So, here are some things I have found interesting about shooting film.

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Finally. Part #1

A couple days ago the negatives and scanned images from 3 rolls of ilford hp5+ arrived in the post. I personally am quite pleased with some of the shots and I would like to share some with you guys. More images to come! Good criticisms of any single image is welcome! Continue reading “Finally. Part #1”

First Experimental Film Pictures

As this is my blog I figured that I should probably put some of my photos on it. These photographs do not fit the bill of ‘street photography’ (whatever that may be) and technically aren’t really good photographs, but they are some of the photos that I like and have encouraged me to continue with film photography – that is a good enough reason to upload them in my opinion. Oh and these were flatbed scanned prints so my apologies for the quality.

NB I currently have a few rolls of ilford hp5+ in my fridge of actual ‘street photography’ shot the past couple months. More to come on that.  Continue reading “First Experimental Film Pictures”