My Gear

I’m thinking about sending a submission into Japan Camera Hunter’s ‘In your bag’ segment so I may as well test run it here.

My gear

The Stuff:

  • Nike SB backpack –  This is the bag I carry to college and use when I go skateboarding. So it has become the place for little bits like film and books etc.
  • Read This If You Want To Take Great Photographs‘ by Henry Carroll – This is the first photography book I have ever owned and was given as a gift from my brother. It is really a great book, filled with many great pictures from masters of Street Photography and very helpful tips for the beginner photographer – the reason I still look at this book *pause for laughter*
  • Notebook – Bought from the wonderful shop Poundland. It’s made of paper and has lines on. All that for just £1. Sorted.
  • Kodak Colorsnap 35 – Got in from a Banardo’s charity shop a couple weeks ago for £8. It looks like it could be fun to use and I am pretty intrigued about the limiting shutter and aperture options. Unfortunately, I’m broke and can’t bear to spend £5 on developing an ‘experimental’ roll of film. One day.
  • Minolta AFZ – Is a pretty obscure camera from what I have found on the internet and I don’t have any good pictures from it yet. From what I have found I can see the F/2.8 lens looks sharp and contrasty. Aside from that, the lack of manual flash override has gotten me into some awkward situations on the streets…
  • Canon Eos 3000 – A pretty standard film SLR. As my first SLR I have really loved having a lot of control over the camera. It does the job nicely with it’s standard 35-80mm lens on.
  • Film – Some Ilford HP5+ and some agfa Vista Plus
  • Earphones – Who doesn’t like music?

    Minolta AFZ which is my everyday carry around camera.
    Minolta AFZ which is my everyday carry around camera.

6 thoughts on “My Gear

  1. crazy that your using the AFZ i was going to grab one of those cheap last week but it fell through..My Canon A1 stopped working recently and the only camera I had was an autofocus olympus which I shot a roll with and was really dissapointed with blurry subjects and clear backgrounds :/ How does the AFZ go? it looks like a nice little pocket rocket


    1. Yeah it does the job well in the majority, lens is decent and focus is fast,but there is no flash override so it can get you into awkward situations when shooting street haha


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