Introducing Myself

Here goes my first ever blog post, I’m not really sure how to go about this but here goes nothing…

My name is Brandon Dare and I’m a college student in the UK. In mid 2014 I started photography, in between studying philosophy/ethics, media, English language/literature and sociology.

The point of this blog is to document my experiences of using film and shooting street photography; as a 17 year old born in the digital era I have lots of things to say. Also, I hope that my site will grow and I can feature content like reviews, discussions and maybe even interviews!

The reason I got into photography was because of my brother, who had just started playing around with using 35mm film – being a hipster I just couldn’t resist giving it a go. As time went on I experimented with different films, cameras and genres of photography. I began to delve into the darkest depths of gear forums and spent days on review sites determining which camera body was better – those of us that have been there and got out know that they are bad places to waste time. However on the other side of the coin I found hilarious YouTube photography channels like DigitalRevTV and street photography blogs by Eric Kim and also Mr. Bellamy Hunt’s blog. All of this combined with the fact most of the masters shot on film as attributed to my love of shooting film for street photography. The waiting, the pressure of having limited shots and required thought for this type of photography is truly exciting and the feeling of making a good photograph is just fantastic!

That brings me onto my next point. Right now I am working on photo project (more details to come) and from that I have a several rolls of Ilford HP5+ being stockpiled before being sent off for development, so please excuse my lack of good photographs.

Anyway please be kind and check back every now and then or if you found a slight glimmer of interest in my blog then please share it! It is early days now but more is yet to come!


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